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Welcome! Second Amendment Sisters, Inc. is a non-partisan, all-volunteer, non-profit organization. All membership dues and donations go directly to efforts to retain and regain our rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment!  JOIN SAS!

The Maryland 2012 Legislative Session is in Progress!

SAS's Maryland coordinator was a featured speaker at the MSI Rally in Annapolis to kick off the session and introduce lawmakers who understand that our right to self defense is essential.  She noted that the crime of rape has dropped 5.1% nationwide, where firearms restrictions continue to be relaxed, while more than doubling in Baltimore alone.  Women's lives have no value in Maryland.


Are lawmakers seeking to adopt the United Nations' global disarmament agenda?  Watch these videos!
[1] [2].

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HOW DID YOUR MARYLAND LEGISLATORS VOTE?  MSI Executive Member Dan Miller has combined data on the vote of every representative and every senator on bills related to our right to self defense from the 2010 legislative session here.  And don't miss the latest update from our friends at MSI (Maryland's citizens' defense league).

Read about post-McDonald v. Chicago cases here.

Read the Supreme Court opinion on McDonald v. Chicago here!  The SCOTUS ruled that "the Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States."


Thanks to VCDL and you can read details of Bloomberg's and his anti-2nd amendment group of mayors' secret plan for citizen disarmament.  We need to regain rather than lose our freedom and liberty.

In Maryland, a woman who must travel alone late at night in a high crime area or on isolated roads because she's a nurse or has a family emergency may not keep a firearm in her car for self-defense, although in those states that do not illegally restrict rights guaranteed by the constitution they do not have increased criminal behavior (it actually decreases).  Bloomberg is all about infringements of our rights guaranteed by the 2nd amendment (except for himself and other elites), and apparently so are key Maryland officials.

Dick Heller (wearing a SAS shirt!) with Alan Gura, the attorney who argued for both Heller and McDonald before the Supreme Court, at the home of George Lyons in Washington, DC.  (Photo courtesy of Jane Weaver.)

The Racist Roots of Gun Control here | The Racist Origins of
US Gun Control
Laws here (click "History") | Disarm the Negroes here


Senator Frosh finally ends his fight against civil
immunity and Gov. O'Malley signs SB 411 into law!

In four (4) previous sessions (including 2009) of the Maryland General Assembly, civil immunity bills were unanimously supported in the House, and moved on to the Senate, where they landed in the Judicial Proceedings Committee and died in Chairman Brian Frosh's desk drawer.  Senator Nancy Jacobs has been a constant beacon for Maryland women who want our government to reaffirm our right to self defense, and although the bill that finally passed was put forth by Chairman Frosh's colleagues, it was a direct reaction to the inevitable truth promulgated by Senator Jacobs that self defense is a civil right!

Civil immunity protects a law-abiding citizen from frivolous lawsuits brought by criminals or their families when a criminal is injured or killed during the commission of a crime in a home or place of business. 

SAS has strongly supported this legislation year after year, considering it important for women, the elderly, and people with disabilities, who frequently are the targets of violent crime because they are easy prey. 

IIn the 2010 session, SB 411 finally made it past Senator Frosh without being sidetracked in his desk drawer, and was strongly supported by both houses of the legislature.  Governor O'Malley signed this important bill into law!

Thank you Governor O'Malley for recognizing our right to self defense without fear of civil litigation by our assailant.  Can we depend on your future support for our second and fourteenth amendments per the DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago decisions?

See Current Legislation for details about the 2010 session.

SAS-MD in the news!

*WBAL TV Channel 11 Interview
Interview with John Lofton, 1450 AM, Pasadena MD

SAS-Maryland interview -- McDonald v. Chicago case

   SAS Friends in the News!
  *John Lott's new edition of "More Guns, Less Crime" went on sale in May!
Interview by David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner, with
Kenn Blanchard, author of "Black Man With a Gun"


Video message from the citizens of the UK and AU:  Don't allow "gesture politics" by your legislators to destroy your rights.  See how dictatorship silently trumps democracy.

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