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The Second Amendment Sisters were honored today by the NJ State Senate.  A proclamation declaring the SAS to be solid, fundamental supporters of the Second Amendment, and due the respect of the Senate,  was presented to NJ SAS Coordinator Marilyn Lapidus, by Senators Cardinale, Bucco and Kavanaugh. The presentation was made in Trenton, on the floor of the Senate at the beginning of this last session before the break for Summer. Photos and copies of the Resolution will be available shortly, and hopefully press releases will make it into the newspapers.  
Thanks to all of you for your support, and we consider this the beginning of what we hope will be an influential association with our politicians. Perhaps we can accelerate that pro-active 2nd amendment legislation in a more timely manner now.  Keep up the good work.
 Marilyn Lapidus,
 NJ Coordinator SAS

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New Jersey Constitution Article I, [1.]

All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.

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