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Who are the

Named Gun Rights Organization of the Year ~ Gun Rights Policy Conference 2000

We are mothers...
...who want to protect our children.
...who know that teaching our children gun safety is the best way to keep them safe.
...who know the best way to protect our children from gun violence is not by disarming
   the law-abiding citizens who protect them, but by demanding that current gun laws be
   enforced and that criminals be disarmed.
...who want to preserve the Constitution, and all the rights it affords, for our children.
...who want to pass on our heritage.
 We are daughters...
...who want to feel safe and confident on our own. 
...who don't want to be forced to depend on men, restraining orders or calls to 911 to stand between us and an attacker.

We are sisters...
...who have different backgrounds and different political parties, but who abhor violent crime in America and want to do something about it.
...who believe in being responsible, knowledgeable gun owners.
...who know the right of self-defense is a basic human right.

 We are women... And we have the right to bear arms.

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Do you think law-abiding citizens will always have a Constitutional right to own guns? You may believe that confiscation could never happen in this country but it did happen in California and it did happen in New York City. There are a lot of anti-gun or just plain misinformed people in this country whose actions are destroying our Constitutional rights. These are people who are unaware of the current laws and how poorly these laws are being enforced, unaware of what strict gun control will do to crime rates and how new laws and stricter gun control will effect our basic human right to protect ourselves and our children. People are obtaining misinformation from the anti-gunners. They believe they know what's best for us and our families based on this information. There are people who believe that gun registration is "just common sense"! These people are making their voices heard by their lawmakers and so should we! Don't let the anti-gunners and the misinformed speak for us!  

  • Let your government representatives know where you stand on gun issues!
  • Join us, the Second Amendment Sisters, in our fight for our Constitution and our basic human rights !
  • Most importantly: Educate yourself and others on the facts ! One of THE most comprehensive works on gun issues available is Gun Facts by Guy Smith.


Our Mission

  • "Second Amendment Sisters, Inc. is a women's advocacy group dedicated to promoting the basic human right to self-defense, as recognized by the Second Amendment.  We believe in personal responsibility, education, and enforcement of laws against violent criminals."